Horse Stampede Causes Car Crashes (OHIO)


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"More than three dozen horses escaped from a family farm in western Ohio during the night Friday and caused a cascade of car crashes that left six horses dead and two drivers injured."

WOW - the owners are in for a few lawsuits I bet? This is a good example of why we should all have liability insurance on our horses. I used to have it combined with a medical policy, but I can't afford the payments anymore. I guess I should look into just liability insurance only (most homeowners policies do not cover horses).

Anyone recall the horse that got loose from Show Place Arena/Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro years ago? The horse ran out onto RT 4/PA Ave and a person died when their car collided with the horse. I believe their family sued the owner of the horse for wrongful death (although I think the owner was not there and the horse was in the control of the trainer at the time it got loose).

Horse Stampede Causes Car Crashes - The Daily Beast