How old were you?

how old..?

Hey folks's been a while since I've posted anything.....this one caught my hope you are entertained Anonymous lol !

Ok...I married my highschool sweetheart at the ripe ol age of 19

I was divorced from the same young lady by the age of 31

Have since 98'......

for several reasons....I would have done the same thing over again(first time anyway)...I have 2 incredible boys....and love them wit hall my heart....they are my "several reasons"...for saying I would have done it over....
As far as my thoughts on the perfect age for marriage....

Knowing what I know now...I would have enjoyed seeing alittle more of "life" as a whole before taking on the responcibility of marriage....I guess ......28 or so would have been a good age for me to have married......


How Old Were You

This is my idea of love:

I married at 25, she was 18.

I am divorcing after a separation period for reasons some of you would deeply understand. It has been 24 years, and 18 of those have been progressively unresponsive.

I do not want to marry again

Boatbuilder, I agree on the age aspect you cited and that those comteplating marriage consider their own motives and presence of mind before agreeing to enter into such sanctity. Vows are much more than monogamy.

Boatbuilder, I have two good kids, older, about to leave the nest. I have seen that glance in the eye you mentioned, and have crashed and burned with two women who I have had in my life. I propose to everyone that 30 is the ideal age to marry and be a real partner in every way.

Perhaps a glance will adorn my eyes once again, and things will be quieted in my heart, head and soul.


RE: How Old...?

Forgot to mention, I have been married only once.


Indy Bound
My answers

Here are my answers

So... I got a few questions for all of yall...
- If you're married, how old were you when you became married?
- If you've been divorced... how long were you married?/did you remarry?/can you see yourself getting married again?
- If you've been in love, how old were you during the first love thing?
- If you've never been married, what age (ideally) would you like to marry?

Ok, for me,
-I am not married but I will be marrying my high school sweatheart at age 24. We would have been together for 8 years.
-Hopefully never get divorced
-I think I found love for the first time at 16 when I met him but if you asked me back then I would have said 14.
-I always wanted to get married by 25 so I am year off.

....such as: how old were you when you first experienced sexual intercourse?

(1) How long did it last
(2) Did it hurt or feel good
(3) Were you scared/happy
(4) Did you orgasm

1. I was 14 my first time, stupid and dumb. Fell into peer pressure. Didn't do it again until 16.
2. It didn't hurt but I think that was b/c he was also young if you know what I mean.
3. I was bored more than anything. Kept praying it would end.
4. No not until 16. Then I was hooked!!!