i left my lori after 8 mos.


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i finally see i some of you are in the same boat

yes it is marsam and i can spell tonight but who know's what tomarrow will bring. you know they say if the didn't like you they wouldn't pick on you (that is a joke).
well all i can say is i have a 15 yr. old living with me and a son of 8 yrs. who i get every other weekend. when i started living with lori i didn't have my daughter living with me and she had 3 boys 16,13,10. she only had them on the weekends. the 10 yr old was in his own little sheltered cartoon world and stared at the tv all day, and i mean 6 to 8 inches from it. the only way he would hear me if i said ice cream so it proved he could hear. the 13 yr old was severe adhd, he couldn't handle a simple situation and was pissed most of the time and no way to satisfy him,the 16 yr. old was the golden child until he offered my daughter pot and i had his mom clean his room.
well ok not everyone is perfect but guess what i put up with their crap but when my daughter had a few problems she didn't want her over anymore ok i'm done don't horrass me to much i will proof read to save face mark:cheers: :cheers:


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Hi, your post caught my eye, I guess because my name is Lori. Anyway, I know how had it can be to date someone with kids. Since it didn't work out, you can take the time to focus on yourself and any goals you may have like school, exercise, hobbies, etc. It gets lonely sometimes, but then I just see people that are in unhappy and unhealthy relationships and it reminds me that it can be good to be single.:cheers:


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this sounds weard but i posted my response because i saw your name in the post lori. i will ad that i was a little tipsy ,ok a lot but your name on there sent me off. i was kind of ok but it has been a couple months and i feel so alone and naturally you go back to your feelings you once had, but i do not want her but i remember her . thanks for your support mark:frown:


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Good luck. It has been about 2 years since my last relationship, I almost married a guy with kids. Since we broke up I have been able to accomplish a lot of things, career wise. Staying busy will keep your mind off feelings and remembering her and then eventually you will be over it and want to date again. Go out have fun.:smile:


Hey Marsam!

This could be a LOVE Connection! Better get on a clean shirt. :biggrin:


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man i am geting raspect rock on

thanks i just said the name set me off but it is a wonderful name it is really hard raising a 15 yr. old girl and i am only 39 the highs and lows and in between how is my spelling class mark sam:razz2:


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did you guys catch the misspelling

if you didn't well you need to go to night school rock on dude's and dudette's:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:


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Re: man i am getTing rEspect rock on

Originally posted by MARSAM
how is my spelling class
Get your money back if they don't throw in punctuation. :neener: