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So what is REAL espresso supposed to be like?
It is very dark and has just a few miligrams more caffeine. The grind is very fine, basically the beans are powdered.
Espresso means, simply, that the coffee is brewed by steam forced through the grounds under pressure.
One can think of a Keurig as a sort of espresso machine.


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I never cook with green peppers because I hate them. They smell like a dirty clothes hamper.

I haven't bought a canned vegetable in decades.


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Most canned food.
Canned soups are ok, mostly. Canned tomato paste. Canned tomatoes. Canned beans. That's about it.
I actually eat a lot of canned beans. I should just start doing the dried ones. I only use the dried when I make soup.


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Another wierd one of mine is I only like the whole canned green beans but i can't stand the cut ones.