Is Full-Time RVing for you?


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I don't have to take,a test... I know I'm a firm NO.

Me, too. I have always been a homebody, but now that we have moved (which was a huge undertaking that equates to the moving around thing) I want to stay right where I am to watch Emmy grow up, and meet Luke who is on the way. However, I do, absolutely, love vrai and Monello's adventures.
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Thought I'd share with those that may be The Phoenix Ramblers, they have made lots of videos of their travels and share tips and stuff. I've met them and she is a funny lady. Anyway, here is one of many:

They are really proud of their Vintage Trailer...they took a worn and torn out box and turned it in to what it is today. Interesting folks.

Oh, and careful you may become addicted like me..I have been following them on youtube all the way to Hawaii where they are now.
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Full-time RV living: Is It for You?

1. You need to like your travel partner. A lot

2. No storage space means few possessions

3. RV travel requires planning

4. Resources are limited

5. Park your curiosity in an online RV community

6. RV maintenance is costly

7. Bring along another vehicle

8. Make sure your insurance permits living full-time in an RV



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I got a good fit, but i know i would never be able to talk my wife into it.
Same problem here.

You 2 should get married. Problem solved.

Every day I'm extremely thankful that Vrai had the foresight to imagine a life of rolling adventures. It's full of adventures. For example: This week she had an appointment to replace her cracked windshield. In true karma god's fashion, while washing my Jeep's window, I notice a chip. So we drive both vehicles to Flagstaff, about 30 miles as she has an appointment to get her WS replaced. They can also get a tech to fix my chip. But it's a wait. 1/2 mile down the road is a Walgreens. We decide to kill time by going there instead of sitting in their waiting room.

Purchases at Walgreens made, we attempt to hike back to Safelite. But it's now raining. We wait for it to clear as we can see blue skies off in the distance. Mother nature had other plans. The skies open up with a hail of hail. Decent size chunks. 1 hit me in the hand and it stung. Cars are getting pelted. People are running into the store from the parking lot.

I am seeing more rain in 15 minutes than we have seen in the 4 months we have been in Arizona. The street is now flooding. It's a 4 lane road, with 2 lanes in each direction. But the 2 outer lanes are under water. The hail is starting to accumulate on the roofs and the grassy areas. It's surreal. The temperature quickly drops about 10 degrees.

We buy umbrellas and make our way back up the street. The hail increases and we seek refuge in a 2nd hand store. Then Safelite calls to see if we need a lift back to their store. On the drive back we see the piles of hail, the flooding streets and we have a good laugh at our predicament. In the end it could have been a lot worse. But we managed to survive our first Arizona weather event.


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Interesting full time RV story. I can't verify if this story is true.

So I’ve been full timing since I was 18.(now 25) My husband and I travel in our 31’ ‘76 airstream pulled behind his ‘72 Chevy.
But I have Story time I have to share!
While only 19 and my husband 23 we worked with a lot of older individuals who were also full timers. We had a discussion with one couple in their early 60’s who loved to express that they were retired, (even though they lived paycheck to paycheck) they chose to live the RV Life “many” years ago as a retired couple. They said we were far from retirement age and shouldn’t be living this life Style! My husband laughed!! He said “what do you mean? We live the same way you do! So I guess at 23 and 19 we are retired too!”
They didn’t like us after that


Like I'm fond of saying, there is no right or wrong way to live this way.


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