Kerwin's Tree Service


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I would sure as F hope they were professional to leave someone's house the way they found it. If they fix it themselves or call in a sub, people expect these "pros" to complete the job, or at the very least, tell the people up front that they plan on leaving a big mess for them to deal with themselves. ESPECIALLY with the prices some of these guys charge today.
Exactly! With respects to taking down a tree, I expect my yard to be exactly the way it was sans tree. Not a missing tree and half the yard in ruins.


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I've never had any tree service charge by the hour. They give you an estimate for the job and they've always honored the estimate. If it takes them longer, no extra charge to you.
Its built into the price, they will charge you less if they don't have to sow grass.


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When I used him a few years ago, he didn't make enough of a mess to worry about.

Last year I had Southern Maryland Tree take down two maples in my front yard, he was pretty inexpensive and he did do a "restoration". However, the "restoration" wasn't worth anything. He used some kind of dirt that instantly turned to mud the instant water hit it. Left the ground uneven and full of debris. Worked fast but like a bull in a china shop. His payloader leaked hydraulic fluid badly and I can still smell it in the ground. I'm still looking for someone to clean up his "restoration".

But for the original question, both Jeff's and Kerwin's have very good reputations. I'd re-use either of them.
I've tried calling Jeff's but usually there's a busy signal. Starting to wonder if they're out of business.


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Kerwins trimmed trees on my property. They do good, but let them know if you don't want everything cut to the extreme. They can get a bit over zealous with the saw sometimes.