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I use Net talk for home phone line (VoIP)
I was able to use my same number, plugs into your router.
I think I pay about $50 for a year of service.
I only use Breezeline for internet.
And TV? Or do you use a streaming service like YouTube TV?


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Spent 3 hours today dealing with Breezeline. I bought my own modem in order to eliminate the $11/mo rental fee. Simple right? HELL NO! Apparently I’m on a “legacy” plan so can’t use my own modem until I upgrade my plan. Well an upgrade means I have to update my 4 TV adaptors. My new plan includes dvr and TiVo boxes. But I don’t need or want all that - I just want a simple tv box that converts their signal to something my tv recognizes! I just want to press the power button to turn on the tv and then press the channel up/down button to find something to entertain me. Is that too much to ask?!? Yes apparently it is. I now need to rewire the house to hook up these new boxes and then the learning curve needed and the wait for the technician to come out for install And the Correct answers to the covid questions before the tech can meet me. I’m too damn old to learn a new way to tv Dammit ! I just want simple in my life Dammit!

Needless to say I am still paying $11/mo for their modem until I figure out if I am dumping them for starlink and an OTA antenna Or succumbing to their new schemes. I hate it when these companies force this crap down our throats and tell us we will love it.
Breezeline update:

Tech came out Thursday and determined that there is an issue with the signal coming to my house - not strong enough. Same thing I was told last year with a promise to replace the line which never happened. This tech and his supervisor promised me they would increase the signal to my house soon - probably just a power boost and not a line replacement.

While here, I asked the tech about installing my own modem to eliminate the rental fee. Sure no problem. He gets on the phone with Breezeline and in less than 5 minutes all is working. I also ask him about my TV adaptors - 2 aren't working. No problem - here are 2 more of the same type you have - no need to upgrade to TiVo. Wow that was easy! Why didn't the phone reps tell me this?!

Friday, I go to the Hollywood Breezeline office to turn in my modem. Doors are unlocked unlike what I was told on the phone 2 days earlier by the phone reps. I give them their modem back and the guy behind the counter says hey I can save you money on your account. I say hell no been there done that 2 days ago with the phone reps. He said no, really - I can help. You keep everything you have now, no upgrades to equipment and you save about $40/month. Ok sign me up! Less than 10 minutes and I'm in and out saving money and happy with my experience. Why couldn't it be this easy over the phone? He said the phone reps are paid on commission and they do everything they can to get you to upgrade. I didn't appreciate being lied to by the people on the other end of the phone but what recourse did I have. All is well with Breezeline at the moment. I will see if they come through with the signal upgrade in a week.

Moral of the story - just like I have said on here before, I am a person that likes to do business in person! If it wasn't for the personal interaction with the service tech and the Hollywood office personnel, I would have still been stewing and fuming. I talked to 2 or 3 different people on the phone and got nowhere - sometimes you just need that face to face interaction to get action!