Leonardtown Man Shot in Chest with Crossbow Flown to Trauma Center

If I may ...

Bolt=arrow. Bolt not set properly? Bolt underweight to the bow's minimum weight causing catastrophic failure of bow limbs when firing. Damaged carbon bolt with catastrophic failure upon firing. Damaged aluminum bolt with catastrophic failure upon firing. Today's crossbows have tremendous power. Some with 160 foot lbs + of kinetic energy and with draw weights of 195lbs or more. When that kind of energy is released upon a damaged, weakened, or light bolt, or an improperly set bolt, those bolts can go in every which way, including right back at you. My guess is there was a catastrophic failure, which also destroys the crossbow in the process. If the bolt was still in the victim, then it was a catastrophic failure. Because if it wasn't, the bolt would have gone completely through him and stuck itself in a wall or ceiling.
unless it was a much cheaper chinese crossbow that is almost toyish but actually deadly..
sometimes those videos are fakes though... see the one about the kid who hits his twin brother in the head with a bat and same kid shoots a drone down with a bow and arrow.. and the guy who made the videos shows you how he edits them to look that way... but also i have seen stuff ricochet back at the person.