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Rachel Maddow to take a temporary break from her MSNBC show to work on movie and podcast projects

Maddow is taking time off to work on a Focus Features movie based on her book and podcast, "Bag Man," about a political bribery scandal. It will be directed by Ben Stiller and Maddow will be an executive producer. The influential anchor is also developing a new podcast.

Maddow's break to reenergize and set up her new outside projects will be temporary, however, and she plans to continue her prime-time show five nights a week upon her return, one of the sources confirmed. The source said that Maddow wouldn't disappear from the network entirely and would be back for special-event coverage during this hiatus.

does anyone think she is returning after the ' break '

Didn't she just get a new contract .? And the Olympics will be on for the next month. Is bag man the story of George Soro's money men . :sshrug:


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Now that Biden is in power, Nazi terms are becoming the norm once again, but there needs a degree of accuracy still and on Rachel Maddow's show, with guest host Ali Velshi in her chair, some rake-stepping took place. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia under Barack Obama Michael McFaul was a guest, and he fumbled as he tried to explain Hitler and ethnic Germans, and really he should have backed away. Also, that applies to the producers. On the Twitter account for the show, they paraphrased McFaul, and then the deleted tweets began.

- "One difference between Putin and Hitler is that Hitler didn't kill ethnic Germans, German-speaking people. Putin slaughters the very people he said he has come to liberate."

McFaul later tried to clarify things for the record, and he bungled that as well, leading to him deleting THAT tweet as well. Considering that Gina Carano was removed from the cast of "The Mandalorian" over far more innocuous content, this should tell you just how bad this whole episode became.



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Funny, while sitting in my bed after cervical fusion Monday evening I was surfing the few channels (premium package hadn't kicked in yet) and came across the first few minutes of this and turned the channel. As I understand it.

1. There was no coverage in that area.
2. Ukraine asked SpaceX to turn it on just for this.
3. Someone, not sure who, had concerns that if any of those vessels had nukes, it could spark a wider war or place SpaceX into a pretty bad legal place.
4. Evidently, nobody is saying if State or some other part of the US government stepped in and advised.


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Forget Hamas! Sharpton Asks Maddow to Explain How Trumpism Looks Like Fascism

MSNBC may have benched its al-Jazeera veterans as hosts, but they left Rev. Al Sharpton, whose inflammatory remarks against "white interloper" Jews live in New York infamy. On Saturday's Politics Nation, Sharpton brought on fellow MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to promote her book Prequel, which draws a strong line between American Nazi sympathizers in the World War II period and Trump supporters, especially the election-denying rioters.

The liberal book reviewers at Kirkus touted the thesis: “America beat fascism once. Maddow’s timely study of enemies on the homefront urges that we can do so again.” But Maddow played coy on Saturday when the analogy was Trump and Hitler. October 7 makes this whole thesis a little dicey.


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Dominick Mastrangelo writes:

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow warned a second stint in the White House for former President Trump could be dangerous for the free press, going as far to say Trump wants to “execute us.”
“He wants to cancel the news, so they’re done,” Sara Haines, a co-host of “The View” said as Maddow appeared on the weekday table talk program Wednesday.
“He wants to put MSNBC on trial for treason so he can execute us,” Maddow responded.