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Monkey Pox is way down on my list of things to worry about.
Are there any known cases of it in St., Mary's County?


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What is mask supposed to do with a virus that is spread thru physical contact and is not airborne?


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NBC News Laments How 'Fear of Monkeypox' Stopped Gays From 'Going to Sex Parties' and 'Attending Orgies'

In this episode of Try to Control Your Shock and Amazement…

Remember how the Democrat Party and left-wing media sock puppets did their damnedest to scare the bejesus out of us over COVID-19, including quadruple-vaxxed Joe Biden — who, along with “Dr.” Jill, has contracted COVID at least twice — hysterically warned the unvaxxed about their coming “winter of severe illness and death” that never came? And the draconian lockdowns? Me, too.

Contrast all of the above with the relative lack of specific hysteria over the monkeypox virus. So, why the liberal media’s difference in reporting on monkeypox vs. COVID? We know the answer to that question, as well.



Just sneakin' around....
I'm all for telling them to go ahead, no restrictions, enjoy your f fests. And after they all catch horrid diseases and die, there will be fewer of these numbnuts to worry about.

The total lack of understanding and common sense is astounding.