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Question, who do you call to complain about your 401K company. My husband and I were planning on having a tree removed and repair work or possibly replacing our fence. We initiated a partial withdrawl from the company. That was on January 15th. Approximately 2 weeks later, we received a direct deposit in our checking account for $1,000.00, the amount we requested was $10,000. I called them and explained what happened and I was told that it was their mistake, they mis-read the amount. Fine mistakes happen, even though they are supposed to be professionals and accountants and CPA's. Anyway, its been almost 2 months and we still have not received the additional money, even though we've called every week and keep getting the same old story. "Were so sorry, I know its frustrating, I will escalate this and you should receive your funds within 3 - 5 days". You can never speak to anyone else, I have asked several times to speak to someone in the processing department, where the mistake took place, but, nope cant transfer you to them. Cant have an email , cant talk to a supervisor. I'm at my wits end with this company. Should we call a lawyer or the SEC? I am at a loss here.