Never have I ever...

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What is something many have done but you never have. I am talking mainstream stuff of Americana, not your kinky fantasies. :lol:

I get many :shocking: looks when I say this, but I have never eaten Taco Bell food. No desire to do so, either. :dead:


Just sneakin' around....
never eaten Taco Bell food
Been arrested
Belched to the number 13.
Snow Skied.
Water skied

Shot someone
Jumped off a roof with an umbrella


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I was. :dance:

Nope and never will. Had a college instructor who would give you an A on the final if you bungee jumped off the New River Gorge Bridge in WV. No one ever took him up on that offer. :lol:
Why jump off a perfectly good bridge or out of a plane!?!

Hell, I couldn't even cross the Deception Pass bridge on foot!


happy to be living
Never have I had breast implants, hair extensions, botox, fake fingernails, false eyelashes nor has my hair ever been dyed.