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:sshrug: Tesla pays for them, regardless. And I can think of many times I was "on loan" to a different org to help resolve issues without compensation to the company. A favor now for a favor later...

Exactly, and SpaceX and Tesla work back and forth all the time, in fact theres an open door policy between the two. Not only are there synergies, but being able to take a break and work different problems is good for the brain. One reason I love my job is that I get to solve a lot of different things.


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Exactly, and SpaceX and Tesla work back and forth all the time, in fact theres an open door policy between the two. Not only are there synergies, but being able to take a break and work different problems is good for the brain. One reason I love my job is that I get to solve a lot of different things.
That's how I was able to come up with the solution to that whole peace in the middle east thing.


Just need to get everyone else on board with it now.


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I wonder if Agrawal and Gadde were working there on H-1 many others go home now, too.


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CNBC Journalist Duped By Pranksters Pulling ‘Internet Hoax’ Outside Of Twitter’s HQ: Report

CNBC journalist Deirdre Bosa showed up to the offices Friday where she took a photograph of two men who were carrying boxes, claiming that they had just been fired.

“It’s happening,” Bosa tweeted. “Entire team of data engineers let go. These are two of them.”

“They are visibly shaken. Daniel tells us he owns a Tesla and doesn’t know how he’s going to make payments,” she claimed. “(To be clear – I don’t think the Tesla was top of mind, I think @elonmusk was).”

Soon after videos and images of the two men went viral on social media, reports surfaced indicating that they never worked at the company.

The most glaringly obvious problem with the story was the name of one of the two men, who identified himself as “Rahul Ligma.”

“‘Ligma’ is, of course, also an internet hoax designed to elicit the response ‘lick my balls’ from people who are in on the joke,” The Verge reported.



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Elon Already Digging Into Big Complaint From Conservatives, Making the Left Melt Down

On top of that, Musk reportedly called in Tesla engineers to check out all the code. That’s very bright, to make sure there isn’t anything in there and Twitter employees were prevented from making changes so Twitter couldn’t be sabotaged.

Some of the Twitter employees have already indicated that they’re against the change, so it’s smart to account for funny business.

On top of that, now he’s also indicating he’s going to be a hands-on owner to work out one of the chief problems that many on the left have complained about — shadow banning and the suppression of their tweets. How do we know this? Elon responded to Catturd, a prominent Twitter user that he would be digging into that question more on Friday.



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Media are worried Elon Musk will actually protect free speech. Think about that for a minute.

It was bad enough for WAPo’s Taylor Lorenz to proclaim Musk taking over Twitter was like the ‘gates of Hell opening,’ but thinking about a bunch of firefighters … sorry … ‘journalists’ from the New York Times and the Washington Post gathering for a Twitter circle aka ‘safe space’ with one another takes the idea of melting down to a WHOLE new level.

What do they think is really going to happen?


Look at this thread …



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Is Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter Good or Bad For Free Speech?

Media Industry, Elon Musk, Twitter, Social Media, Perspectives, Big Tech, Free Speech Online, Free Speech, First Amendment

AllSides Summary​

Elon Musk officially took control of Twitter on Friday, beginning with a purge of several top executives. Musk has been vocal about his intentions to overhaul the operations of the platform, specifically in terms of content moderation and policing. This is sparking much discussion and speculation on what Musk’s reforms will mean for free speech, censorship, and the spread of misinformation on the platform.

What the Right is Saying: Voices on the right are widely welcoming Elon’s takeover, long frustrated with perceived suppression of conservative voices on the platform. The most common instance of suppression on Twitter pointed to is the deletion of a New York Post (Lean Right Bias) story about Hunter Biden in the days before the 2020 Presidential election. David Marcus called for Musk to sever ties with Twitter’s third-party fact-checkers, writing, “better that a dozen lies go unchecked than that a single important truth be hidden from the people”

What the Left is Saying: The left is widely opposed to the Musk takeover, with fears of unchecked misinformation and bad-actors proliferating lies a common theme. Additionally, a number of pieces are voicing fear of the growing power and influence held by Musk, who is already one of the richest individuals in the world. Richard K. Sherman, a Professor of Law at New York Law School, voiced the importance of checks on free speech in a Democratic society. He writes, “meaningful freedom requires ground rules to limit abuses that would otherwise render it a dead letter.”


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Twitter to start charging $20 a month for verification under new owner Elon Musk

Twitter plans to start charging nearly $20 a month for users to keep their blue checkmarks as part of a premium service that will be rolled out under Elon Musk’s leadership, according to a report.

“The whole verification process is being revamped right now,” Musk, who took over as the CEO of the social media platform Friday, tweeted Sunday.

The hefty price bump is reportedly one of the revamps, The Verge reported.

The company plans to raise its optional $4.99-a-month premium subscription called Twitter Blue to $19.99 a month. However, that price is subject to change, the outlet reported, citing internal correspondence and people familiar with the matter.


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Elon Musk Tweets that Twitter Board and Law Firm Deliberately Hid Evidence from the Court – In Emails Featuring Yoel Roth

Not only might the Twitter Board and Attorney be in trouble for lying with the court, but the these entities would be in trouble with the SEC as well for filing false statements as we reported earlier as well.

The Gateway Pundit has written about far left hack Yoel Roth in the past.

Yoel Roth was the the one to block the Hunter Biden Laptop story before the 2020 election and called Trump officials “actual Nazis.”

The guy is bad news and may have participated in illegal acts.

From our May 2022 post — Thanks to Citizen Wells.

Twitter on Thursday announced it will put warning labels on tweets that contain so-called ‘misinformation’ in a time of war, natural disasters or pandemics.
Yoel Roth, the woke, far-left hack behind the new policy to suppress conservatives, has a history of attacking Trump and he even blocked the Hunter Biden laptop story in an effort to influence the 2020 election.
The Free Beacon reported:
Twitter’s pick to stop the spread of misinformation in times of crisis has a history of pushing falsehoods.
Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s safety and integrity unit, unveiled the site’s “crisis misinformation policy” on Thursday. In a blog post, Roth outlined how Twitter will place warning labels on tweets deemed to contain misinformation and prevent them from being “amplified or recommended” in times of armed conflict, natural disasters, or public health emergencies.
Roth is a questionable pick to launch the policy, given his own track record with misinformation. Roth oversaw Twitter’s decision to block the sharing of an October 2020 New York Post report on emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Roth told the Federal Election Commission he made the decision based on “rumors” shared by the United States government’s intelligence community that the Russian government might release materials hacked from Hunter Biden.
Roth previously ‘fact-checked’ one of President Trump’s tweets with fake news.
Yoel Roth previously said there are “actual Nazis” in the Trump White House:

Here’s more tweets from Yoel Roth…