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We were talking about taking the DQ camping some time soon. Does anyone have any suggestions for some campgrounds that aren't too terribly far away, but not in SoMD either (maybe a 1-3 hour drive)? I don't want to just pitch a tent in some woods and have to 'hold on to a tree ...' if you know what I mean ... preferably a campground kind of place with restroom facilities, where it's ok to bbq, have a camp fire, etc.

This will be her first time 'roughing it' so I don't wanna scare the beejeezus out of her. :smile: It's been an eternity since I camped anywhere (besides Bristol, of course) so I'm not sure what amenities we'd wanna have in terms of scenery, things to do, etc. I'm thinking a nice place to walk, a lake, etc. :shrug: Sites with websites would be REALLY appreciated! :biggrin:

TIA! :smile:

I just got back from Va. We went to the Bluegrass Festival they had up there which was AWESOME !! The camp site was really nice there and they had showers and you could cook, have fires and all of that good stuff. I don't know if you normally camp there but you may want to try and get some information on that place. It's in Syria Va. The drive was about 2 1/2 hours. It's called Graves Mountain.


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Bethpage is nice. We camped there for 4 years. Everyother weekend. They do allow pets but they do not allow tents.