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LOL - I could have been llike "ohmygawd, dude WTF what's all going on up in here. yo dawg why you lying?" I like writing, whatev.

The Voldermort reference was due to sitting here with my dear friend who was in town and we were looking at the classifieds, drinking a beer while eating steak, and he goes, "oh yeah, remember this?". I didn't want to post under his "name", so a Harry Potter movie was sitting on the kitchen table, and he goes, "Ooooo ooo ooo, be Voldermort!" So this is what I ended up with. Nothing more, nothing less.

I get the perceived hostility - but blunt and direct writing is often inferred as such. I'd argue that I have a command of the English language (I kept up with Reader's Digest "Ways to Improve your Word Power" section) vs. verbose... haha, I like big words and I can't deny etc.

If my points were missed than so be it. Larry is smart enough to get the message, I only hope he does something with it. Why do things have to be seriously derogatory or personal slurs to understand that what he shares about people is disrespectful, and some people prefer respect of privacy? He shared his perceptions, opinions, and was called out. I only responded. There's no emotional investment - I just detested reading about me and my child in such a way.

I still say this woman is my soul mate 😍