Oh Jwwb!!!


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ummmmm.....wow.... :faint:
I thought at first that it would be because of self defense, but the wounds were in his leg. I do not know what caused her to do this but the idiot that she stabbed is a piece of dung.
(It's odd that a news outlet lists the victim)
Lusby Man Arrested for Prescription Fraud - Southern Maryland News
Pill Popper Gets Popped For Prescription Fraud - Southern Maryland News
Vice Narcotics Nets Major Prescription Fraud Bust - Southern Maryland News

There's also an update to the one about Jwwb:
Judge keeps suspect in St. Mary’s stabbing jailed -- SoMdNews.com


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Witnesses told police that Wilcox said “I did what I had to do,” as she left the residence and wiped the blade of the bloody knife on the grass outside
Awesome! But still a piker because she didn't finish the job. Just like Bush I and Desert Storm, and we all know how that turned out.