Plan B


Finishing last
Which brings us to the infuriating part of the whole debate.

Sex is pleasurable.
We are genetically coded to procreate.
Humans will engage in pleasurable experiences whenever possible
Unprotected sex invariably equals pregnancy
Pregnancy in many cases is unintentional
Unintentioanl pregancny in many cases equals poverty
Preganacy at early age nearly ALWAYS equates to poverty
Poverty equals governmental financial support
Even with governmental financial support life sucks when you are poor/with children.

People STILL have unintended preganacies which put them in poor financial situaions requiring financial support and their life is less than happy even though preganacy prevention is available all over the place and it is common..

Where to we break the chain? We have been preaching about sexual responsibility for eons and it has not worked.

People will be lectured about social responsibility. - Unavoidable
People resist training when it is contrary to their immediate wants. - Unavoidable
People will have sex - Unavoidable
Unprotected Sex results inevitablely in pregnancy - Avoidable
Pregnancy at early ages in most cases leads to poverty and financial entitlements - Unavoidable

Using this logic I would say the market penetration point for this Plan B pill should be where sexual activity statistically begins. If it is 15 then so be it.

That all said I talked to a teen aged girl about this yesterday. I said thet the presence of the pill in my mind would not promote promiscuity, that is going to happen regardless. It simply provides an alternative to the potential pregnancy that would most certainly lead to poverty and a poor life.

She disagreed and said that if available the girl would me more likely to engage in sexual activity because now she has an out. She also pointed out that in todays world the vast majority of girls are on BC pills at much earlier ages if not to prevent pregnancy by parents who are concerned and proactive, but to regulate hormones, acne, and many other things.

Remembering what I was like during my wilder days, this would have been my train of logic.