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Just had a friend tell me this week they have a kid who works in a cardiac unit at a hospital. Ten beds with heart patients filled - all patients vaccinated. Coinky dink? I think not. Somewhere else in my travels this week, heard of one or 2 people die within days of getting the booster shot. I guess the booster could be called the kill shot...
A co-inkydink I'm watching.... the sudden and alarming number of children with hepatitis. World wide. What else was distributed world wide and given to children recently?


If I may ...
If I may ...

You might want to watch this. It's Australian senator fighting vaccine regulators. Very spooky and telling. Monitoring this type of thing also probably gives us timeline on war, or when they need panic distraction.

Note he talks about how they tested it on animals prior BUT WITHOUT ACTIVE INGREDIENT. What did they use in its place? Luciferase. You just can't make this sh*t up. Just naming something involved in this after Lucifer is dumb as hell to begin with. That's a psychopath tell. Can't help but taunt even when it may cause them problems.

Takes a moment but the operative guy that talks after the chick is a total psychopathic demon and surely anybody who sees this knows. Also these numbers are false.



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Two friends, males in their 50, otherwise healthy, both ended up with bloodclots on their lungs within 2 days of the shot. Both doctors said just a coincidence.

6+months latèr, still on blood thinners.

F**k that.


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Just had a friend tell me this week they have a kid who works in a cardiac unit at a hospital. Ten beds with heart patients filled - all patients vaccinated. Coinky dink? I think not. Somewhere else in my travels this week, heard of one or 2 people die within days of getting the booster shot. I guess the booster could be called the kill shot...

A blog I read daily covid and coffee has been mentioning news articles of these athletes in there 30's - 40's dying from heart aliments, all jabed so they could play ........ I'm sure their deaths have ' NOTHING ' to do with their Vax Status


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If I may ...

Two mice walk into a bar. The one mouse asks the other if he has gotten his covid shot yet.

The other mouse says, "No. Waiting for the human trials to be over before I take the jab."

Drum Roll :drummer:


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So what fun facts do we know about the "vaccines" all this time later? Let's review:
  1. The medicine didn't actually prevent you from catching the VID19
  2. The medicine didn't actually prevent you from spreading the VID19 to someone else
  3. People who took the medicine and boosters still ended up in the hospital. Did they really need to be there or was it a cash grab by certain hospitals. Who knows?
  4. Certain drug companies have record profits due to sales of the medicine. We all know that pharmaceutical companies would never pay off politicians so they can profit even more.
  5. Prince Fauci and other key people are CDC are apparently getting royalties due to sales of the medicine. That just came out recently.
  6. The highest demographic for death was 65+ and among them, the obese and people with serious health indications. Most of them likely never took care of themselves a day in their lives.
  7. There are numerous anecdotal accounts of people having serious health complications, or even death, from the medicine. It will take years to compile and analyze the data before we know for sure, assuming they even make a serious attempt to do so. I think I read it normally takes 9 years before a vaccine is deemed safe. Yet, they approved this one in just a few months. wow!
  8. The politicians and their sockpuppets in the media --- and subsequently the go along to get along mob --- demonized anyone who had reservations about being forced to take the medicine and accused them of being against science. Problem is that science never has worked by decree. It is hypothesize, test, document, peer review and repeat ad infinitum.
  9. Many people who died of some other reason, who tested positive for VID19 were categorized as a VID19 death. Mysteriously, deaths in other categories went way down --- almost as if there had been some miracle cures suddenly released upon the world. I believe hospitals received a large bounty for any VID19 patient they admitted.
So, if there is anyone out there who was among the "mob" who would care to apologize to the people who weren't GUTLESS like you were and who used their critical thinking skills, please take the floor.

I didn't think so.


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Daley and other advisers warned that yet another national vaccination campaign could “needlessly exhaust” healthcare providers for minimal gain, according to the Times. They also worried that continually pushing Americans to get booster after booster and variant-specific shots could lessen the willingness of people to get another shot down the road, in the event a more dangerous variant emerges.

There’s some evidence Daley’s theory is true. Ninety-percent of Americans have gotten at least one COVID-19 shot, according to the CDC. But the number who have been fully vaccinated, which in most cases requires two shots, is around 76%, and the portion who are boosted is just about 50%.

The FDA plans to offer variant-specific COVID-19 and flu shots together in the fall, Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, told the Times. Both Pfizer and Moderna are working on vaccines that specifically target the Omicron variant, the companies have said.



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If I knew all of these people who were fully boosted were going to get sick with Covid and people were going to dies with Blood Clots and Strokes, I wouldn't have gotten the first 2 shots. They aint sticking me any more with their Money grubbing Pfizer shot. Nor anybody else's either.


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My cardiologist thinks my elevated heart rate is a result of the Pfizer 2-part my wife and I got a year ago, definite no go on any boosters.
Have tested negative 3 times in the past 9 months, precursor to medical care I needed.


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What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified — and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we’re accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgement.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn’t “done the right thing” by turning their bodies over to state care — even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault, not the fault of toxic policy.

And so it was by the wilful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did.


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The obsession that politicians like Fauci, Jha and Walensky have with layering “interventions” and their deliberate obfuscation of the data is extremely relevant to the results from Cornell.

Remember, the researchers laid out that the university, as dedicated believers in The Science™, complied with exactly what they were “supposed” to do.

Masks and vaccinations required, mass testing and lightning quick contact tracing with enforced isolation.

So how successful were these efforts?

Based on analysis of routinely collected population surveillance data, Cornell’s experience shows that traditional public health interventions were not a match for Omicron. While vaccination protected against severe illness, it was not sufficient to prevent rapid spread, even when combined with other public health measures including widespread surveillance testing.

In short, the interventions failed.

It’s quite a stretch to identify these measures as what could be described as “traditional.” The exact same strategies that Fauci, Jha and Walensky claim have made an “enormous difference” were proven to be completely useless at preventing spread.

In order to protect their standing by avoiding criticisms of Team Groupthink, their discussion says that generalizing results might not be as applicable due to the limited demographics, mostly Cornell students, it stands to reason these results are significantly MORE likely to show an effect than in general population.

Simply, the compliance rates were essentially universal, something that is extremely hard to achieve in other populations.

We’ve heard over and over and over again that part of the reason for the failure of masks and other interventions is insufficient compliance.

That was not possible at Cornell.

98% of campus was fully vaccinated, far exceeding any population level rate seen anywhere on earth:

Despite high vaccination rates (97.9% of campus3), 98.6% of cases were breakthrough infections, and proportionately more named close contacts who became COVID-positive in this period (22.6%) than previously (4.4% between August 23 and November 27).

It’s also important to point out that noted CNN and MSNBC “expert,” political commentator and conspiracy theorist Peter Hotez claimed last year that 85-90% vaccination rate would get us “past COVID.”1

Peter Hotez, always wrong
So 98% vaccination rates did nothing to slow the spread, but what about masks?

Well, according to the letter’s PDF download, masks were required in “all” indoor campus locations, and yet the university experienced significantly more outbreaks than the local communities:

Required inside all buildings on campus, all COVID-19 transmission all semester (except in private office space or in designated eating areas with distancing)
Something had clearly changed in the university setting, as similar outbreaks were not yet being seen in the off-campus community or neighboring counties.

What a huge surprise!

Universal masking indoors didn’t stop outbreaks and runaway case growth on campus:

How could this be?!



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🔥 Bloomberg ran a story last week headlined, “Omicron Is Turning Out to Be a Weak Vaccine.” The article is just a lot of fear porn about how “nobody” has immunity, especially gross unvaccinated people, and ANYBODY can catch a covid reinfection. It’s these variants, you see. It just keeps changing.

The article features no data, no numbers, no reference to any particular city, state, country or even continents. It doesn’t consider or even mention whether subsequent infections might be milder. It’s just a vague “zero covid” threat advisory.

But there was ONE sentence that jumped out at me. I wonder if this one sentence is the reason they wrote the article. It said, “public health experts also point out that in rare cases people are getting reinfected within weeks.”

Wait, what? Reinfected WITHIN WEEKS? Why, it’s almost like those people’s immune systems aren’t working right or something. Is this a narrative tweak to hide multiple rapid reinfections under a big bushel of “everybody gets reinfected?”

Anyway, just to SEE, I searched Twitter for “reinfected.” I had to stop after a few seconds because jab-happy people are so terrifying.



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'Nobody Wants Them'

“It’s sad to say, I’m in the process of throwing 30 million doses into the garbage, because nobody wants them,” lamented Bancel as he participated in a panel discussion. “We have a big demand problem.” Actually, that sounds like a big over-supply problem to me, but what do I know?

Bancel elaborated on the outreach efforts the pharma giant was making to “every country,” including going around to all the embassies in Washington, D.C., to entreat governments to distribute the excess shots to their citizens. But sadly, he concluded, “nobody wants to take them.”

“The challenge we have now is [a] very different situation than we had two years ago. The problem we had two years ago is there was no mRNA capacity in the world. Zero.”