Product for Horse Cuts: Underwood


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Yep. Used it about two years ago on one of mine that had a laceration in the front shoulder area that I could fit my fist into. He healed up fine and never scarred though I could still tell where the injury had been if I looked closely.


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I've used it, also, with awesome results. I managed a boarding stable in OKC in 1999 that was hit by the May 3rd F5 tornado. Underwoods was used on about half of the 22 survivors, and they healed up WAY better and faster than the horses treated with Alluspray and Granulex.


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It is a wonderful product. My gelding was attacked by a pit bull that tore the hide off his left front knee/cannon bone. There was no skin to stitch back together. Used Underwood at my farrier's recommendation. He healed great. It worked well on rain rot too. It comes out of Oklahoma. If you can't find any, let me know. I'll make some calls and get the address for you so you can order it straight from guy who makes it.
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