Rabbit Neuter - low cost WHERE?


Adopt me please !
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Dont bother trying to help anymore, heard (read) owner is giving it away for free!!
Another got and toss and throw away pet.
If she does that to pets, how does she treat kids in her care?
Looks like just an excuse to get rid of it.

I can't find any place with experience with rabbits that is willing to do the surgery for less than the $100 she was already quoted. The bunny may be destined to get passed around from one home to another?

The good side of Freecycle is that pets can get a chance in another home and avoid the shelter. The bad part of Freecycle is ANYONE who says they want it (or says the right thing) can get the pet. The lucky pets end up in a caring home and thrive. The unlucky ones end up at the shelter anyway, OR they become a meal for another pet, or become bait for fighting dogs, or whatever other bad things out there happen to pets.

Right now I have a bigger issue to solve. We agreed to take in and care for a group of cats long term. The money we were expecting, we were just told we won't be getting. So now we are hard pressed to be SURE we have a VERY successful yard sale fundraiser on June 8th. How much are old stereo's worth anyway? We have an old big Cabinet style stereo that still works (Magnavox? not sure) that was donated by the family with the group of cats. I guess I should bring some of my old albums to show it still works at the yard sale huh?