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Over 20 years old, yikes
Real life Rudy is a Navy veteran
Guy perseveres and overcomes challenges
Based on a true story
Everyone can be a Rudy
And the movie had some great quotes:

In this life, you don't have to prove nothin' to nobody but yourself.
I've been ready for this my whole life!
That semester at junior college sure didn't make you any smarter.
Last practice of the season and this ####### thinks it's the Super Bowl!
Someday I'm gonna come out of that tunnel and I'm gonna run onto this field.
Well it ain't gonna be this day...
I'm here to play football for the Irish!
Coach Parseghian know about it?
No... not yet.
Well maybe you best tell him first...
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Larry Gude

Strung Out

2.5 ish. Not good, not bad, just right down the middle. Could have been a lot better, easily. Could have been a lot worse, easily.


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The latest Star Wars - just like the original 1st one, only a bit different, but not much. Wifey and I did our duty, and that's that.


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Im so glad im not the only one. It was about an hour too long and I struggled to identify the plot. :yawn:

I made it till the bear scene, a little after that, I fell asleep too. Still haven't finished watching it. Put it on my "movies to watch on a winter night when its too cold to be outside" list. LOL


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One of the latest > Criminal. 5 because Kevin Costner was in it. Be still my heart....