shy people



Hi everyone, just wanted to ask.
how do shy people meet others?
anyone have any ideas?


Shy People meeting.

I am painfully shy. The only way I met my boyfriend was to put an ad on the internet. Mostly becasue I am so darn picky and hate going to bars. :cheers:


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They probably meet others the same way most people do - by being with others.

You should try going out with us the next time we get a group going out for a movie. For the meantime - check out Christy's party thread, to see if you'd want to come.


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Don't pretend like it's the alcohol:cheers: ;) Just kidding. We have a decent time before we get lit though!

Friends are always a good way to meet other people.


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Sexy, count me in on your next excursion! (and don't forget the paddle and whips!)

Now as to the original question...Booze works for me! :D Also meeting and talking with someone online helps ease the transition to "real life!"


thank you everyone, I will give going out to the movies a try. I wish I could make the party but work comes first.
have a great time.


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Back to not working

So I'm not working again lol, and Umm SHY people here goes.

I am what they call NOT SHY...But I have a good understanding on the phobia of timidness. I used to be that way before when i was a whiny little punk in high school. then the military got to me.

And I have to agree with everyone else. Nothing like alcohol to free a little inhibition. But too much and you might forget them and wake up next to Bubba a 300 pound black man who just got out of jail for murder.

Seriously if your shy. Consider it a fear. And you have to overcome those fears. And best way to do that is come right out and be open. If you go up to say some guy at a bar. And say Hello there...that should open it up enough to start talking. Give a guy a good look in the eye and if HE"S not shy he'll come talk to you.

Or I don't really like meeting people at bars, but I find at stores. WHEN people are a bit more sober makes it easier to talk to people. Whatever it is someone is doing, just start talking.

Now shy people new to the area have it easy, cause, you can just start asking whats to do round about town and the area. Just you can't be nieve otherwise you might end up meeting Bubba for a few drinks at ABC or somewheres.


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What is it w/ divorced lesbians down here? Are they all mental? :crazy: Or am I just a magnet for whacked out lesbians? :lol: That is another story for another time.

You just have to be straightforward and assertive with them. Just walk up to her and say "Listen, SxyPrincess: I want you to leave me alone!"