God bless the USA
wr, have you tried to sell your talent, as far as making the cigar box instruments? You should be the one that Mike Rowe is making a show about. JMO. :smile:

Oh wait! Is this show about you? I think I just pulled a big duh! :lol: Somehow the cnn link disappeared, but my computer is cheap and gives me a lot of aggravation! Keep us posted, and keep on making music! :smile:

I just found the cnn link again. Trying to juggle granddaughter who woke up and reading the forum! :whew:
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I sell a few here and there but don't really like dealing with people very much.
Word of mouth and videos bring in enough interest to fund the hobby.
Just sent two off to California last week. May not sell another this year or may sell lots. There's no pressure and that's how I like it.


God bless the USA
Fretless four with a volume pedal, delay and heavy reverb.

Very soothing. I love your music. It is like yoga, but in music form. :smile:

Edit: I had to give up my piano when we moved last month. We downsized and it wouldn't fit. I started piano lessons at 5 years old, and was classically trained. I miss my piano, terribly, but your music helps me to get through the changes in my life. Your music is so basic that many can identify with it. I couldn't think of a better word than basic, but I think you know what I mean. :smile:
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Well it is not a CBG but this kid can really play the shovel.