God bless the USA
This post of your music made me think of whales and their sounds. Loved it.
And, also, your dogs barking. :lol:

Thanks! :huggy:

I just listened to it again. You should market your music to spas, and other places that promote relaxation. Just a thought.
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wharf rat

Smilin on a cloudy day
The induction begins.
My wife's nephew has been staying with us the last few days.
I'm getting the early edge for "coolest uncle" status.



happy to be living
Hey wharf rat, I was at the SPOT thrift shop in St Leonard a few days ago and they received a donation of some nice old cigar boxes. If you and Mrs Wharf are still making them, I hope you will check it out!

And for anyone that doesn't know about the SPOT- their money goes to the free spaying and neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits etc in the area. They have some great stuff there and it is for a great cause (which I know Mr and Mrs Wharf fully support as they are also animal lovers and rescuers!)

wharf rat

Smilin on a cloudy day
A discarded (with half the tuners missing) Epiphone 12 string neck and a slab of wood kept me busy this afternoon. Found the neck in my travels and the slab was in the burn pile.
Has a bass string on top and a double coarse bottom string. Not a powerful pickup but the neighbors did get to hear it.