Snow Part 4


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It finally started a few minutes ago here in New Lex Park, off of Willows Road.
Temp is still just above freezing.


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We've had about an inch or two in Lusby. Started as light dandruff like flakes and now looks much heavier and it is sticking to everything.
Plenty of firewood to provide us warmth and no plans to leave the house tomorrow. And awesome home made chicken noodle soup.
Life is good!


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And awesome home made chicken noodle soup.
Saw an interesting recipe on one of the cooking shows for homemade tomato soup. Got the ingredients yesterday, might try that tomorrow.

Temps hovering at 32 for hours. This snow has to be wet and heavy. No interest in going outside and finding out.


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We started spreading salt on county roads about 8:30. Called the tractors out about 1am to start plowing. A bit after 3am and I measured 6” in Dameron. Wind is blowing snow everywhere. Plows and spreaders are in full force at the moment. Roads are covered and slick but manageable for the most part - at least in the southern part of the county.


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I see possibly 1.5" on the deck rail. I imagine we probably have 2" on the ground. Any reports from Lusby area? It doesn't look like we're going to see a massive melt off this weekend, so I'll probably go in and shovel the sidewalks at work. @frequentflier how's it looking over yonder?


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Having my coffee and glancing out the window from my computer.

Nothing coming down any longer.

Ah well.... There is always Presidents Day Weekend.


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I'm going to clear off my car to take Thing1 to work soon. He normally walks, but it's a bit treacherous when the sidewalks aren't clear. I don't want him to walk on the road.

I can measure what we got then, but looks like about maybe 4-5"?. The hired plow already came thru the neighborhood a few times, so it seems the road cleared off well enough.




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It just got light enough outside for the security cam to show the yard. I may crawl back under the covers and call it a day.