So how many people used to be on Twitter or FB and aren't anymore?


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I have a love/hate relationship with fb. I love keeping up with friends and family, but I hate the control that fb has and how they are using it. I would love to say F'em and get rid of my account, but I just can't make myself do it.


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I don't have FB or any other social media. My family uses FB a lot for family announcements, updates, pics, etc... so I tend to miss a lot of that. On the other hand, I don't see all the crap they post either.

That's ok. I'm known as the black sheep of the family anyway. The loner. The weird uncle. Heck, someone has to be that guy.


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I still have a FB page for use at work. Deleted it from my phone back in January. Best thing I ever did. Blood pressure much better. They lost me when they did a political fact check over Trump saying a Christmas Concert was good. I also could not stand the stupid memes that my family was posting. I had to take them out of my news feed.

I am now wildly in love with Yeet Baby and Uncle Chris on Tic Tok. I am a much happier person now:dance:


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Facebook is still my most reliable lifeline to my local friends, distant relatives and friends I haven't seen in years.

I silence friends who spend all of their time posting political comments. You don't unfriend them, you just turn their feed off.

One of them - we made friends with them in Ethiopia - but once Trump was elected, she just can't stop the politics - ESPECIALLY race related stuff.

I guess what galls me the most about her high and mighty pronouncements is - she has spent almost her entire life in Wyoming. I think there are probably more African Americans in Southern Maryland than her entire state. It's astonishing at her antagonism regarding race in this country - an experience I seriously doubt she could grasp, even with two Ethiopian children.

People like HER - and the half dozen other leftie preachers in my friend list - MIGHT persuade me to quit.

Sadly, there's no alternative WHERE I'D STILL HAVE CONTACT with the same people. Facebook's POWER lies in its monopoly. It has no serious competition.