Stay-At-Home Wife Gets Backlash For Saying Husband Will Have To Pay For' The Luxury Of Having Her Available 24/7'


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So you don't think having someone to clean your house, cook your meals, do your laundry, and raise your kids is a luxury?

This is the problem with guys like you - you think you're entitled to this stuff. Never occurs to you that it's a job for someone else, you take it as your due that you get for free and don't have to do anything in return. I mean, why not? Your mom did for you and you never had to give back - why shouldn't all women be your servants?:shutup:

Ya see here .... The trade off, (in a typical and traditional marriage), is that she is completely taken care of; All things provided by the husband. Has a roof over her head, a car in the driveway, food in the refrigerator, and clothes in the closet, and free to go about her day in any way she pleases. There are far too many women available out there that appreciate a man, and wouldn't even think of such selfish ideals. No woman is worth such a trade off that she got him to sign. But then again, some men are pretty stupid and insecure about themselves. Maybe he is a soyboy raised by a lesbian? Then again, maybe she gives great prostate massages while performing fellatio? Dunno. But again ... no woman, not-one-woman, is worth what he agreed to.

What she did, (if in fact true), should have been a huge red flag to the guy. She, and women like her, will always be trouble, causing him much grief in the future. And, in fact, it is her that is living in luxury, not him.


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I still think my arrangement was better. She wanted to stay home with kids until they were in school all day. When they were, she went back to work. We shared housework, parental duties, and both thoroughly enjoyed our grownup time together. We both felt "privileged". :biggrin: