No Irons around here, but I do have one on my Steelers bookcase in my office. It's from 1981 and shows the Steelers team picture on it. I bought it during a trip to the 'Burgh in 1982 even though I don't drink beer. I juts bought a six pack because I liked the cans, and this is the last surviving can.

When I flew aboard P-3s in the Navy I used to carry than can of IC on every flight as a good luck charm.:biggrin: The first time my pilot saw it he told me I couldn't carry it because it was illegal to have booze on a Navy plane. I told him that I had never drunk a beer in my life, but if he ever announced that we were going to ditch or had to bail out I was going to slug that can down. He accepted my conditions. So he never crashed the plane and I never had to pop the top.:razz2: