Storm Threads - Calvert


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Not sure if we need to start threads or how long we have access so I am starting one.

1700 BGE in north calvert without power.


I sure hope I can get home from work. I would hate to get stuck over here in St. Marys.
If the electricity goes out, you will not be able to cross the Gov Thomas Johnson Bridge because the drawbridge portion will be stuck open.
Really !


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Solomons bridge is NOT closed... but use caution, and *may* close for some (short) periods of time if conditions become severe.

Starting to hear tree down calls on the scanner. Current SMECO outage map says 1170 out with 226 out in zip 20657 (Lusby).

Wow. Residential HAZMAY box just toned out for a tree into a 500 gallon propane tank which is leaking.


Trees down on 261 by the new housing development (by Brownie's Beach). knocked out power to some folks. Usual street locations in North Beach flooded due to stormwater (surrounding 5th street by the beach & Chesapeake avenue) so some blocks are closed.


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Yup. I'm glad I got a motel room in St. Mary's. Lusby is out.

I'll probably be out soon.

Please. Everyone be safe.


Rotten pine tree across the line on at the end of my street, caused the lights to flicker.
Called Smeco but not much hope till it breaks completely I guess.
Arrowhead Trail , CRE
Almost 1000 out in 20657 code


Ours was out for an hour in Lusby. Back on now. Mill Bridge area. There is a tree down across our road, but all our lines are buried, so that wasn't the cause of the outage.


Lost power in Drum Pt. for a few hours. Came back on and I got a quick shower and warmed up leftovers. Ready for it to go out again.