Storm's a Comin'


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This song has one of my favorite lines in rock history -

"The sun in your eyes made some of the lies worth believing".
Alan Parson did everything for his songs except sing the lyrics, right? Pretty talented guy.


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I'm registering .50 on my rain guage from last night, so we'll see what we get this evening.

Wasn't registering anything last week, broke it open, wasps came at me kamikaze style. Since I cleaned the nest out, been working fine.


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When we get warnings like this, it makes me miss living in my house with a basement. Makes me really nervous living in an RV. 😬


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I was just looking at TWC's future radar projection. Up until 7:50pm it looks like it's going around us. Not much to see. Then the 7:55pm projection shows a wide bright red line of thunderstorms just east of us running from Norfolk to Dover.

Wait... did they just magically appear. There was nothing to the west of us just 5 minutes earlier.


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Basement, solid brick walls, emergency supplies.... :yay:

Shame I have to keep this all to myself...

Oh, BTW, tornado warning just west of Charlottesville.


Just sneakin' around....
Wait... did they just magically appear. There was nothing to the west of us just 5 minutes earlier.
Future cast I'm looking at shows no real activity over us, but then all of a sudden it forms bigtime to the southeast and misses us. The Point may get it.


Still an enhanced risk southeast of Waldorf. NWS in Sterling pits showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm. I don't buy it; the risk is just as high for severe weather as it is for the immediate DC suburbs. I've seen this before in DFW with a miniature tornado outbreak in 2012 even with a slight risk.

Apparently this appears to be a derecho event, reminiscent of two derechoes that devastated the St. Louis area in 2006 with 100 MPH wind gusts. The in-between derecho timeframe is only much wider (July 19 2006-July 21 2006). Also more advanced notice for this one as the 2006 derechoes (at least the July 19 one) slammed St. Louis without much warning.

Normally moderate risks are associated with tornado outbreaks. Nevertheless, take this seriously even if nothing happens it's better to be safe than sorry. Derecho damage can be as devastating as a violent tornado.

I've already vacuumed the walkout basement steps to prevent flooding and plan to hold steady in the unfinished side.

How common are these kinds of events around these parts?


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Remember back in the day, pre-internet, when watching or looking to the sky was enough to know what the weather was gonna be? Or a phone call from Auntie Sue or Uncle Joe in the county over, that a storm was a head'in yer way 'cause, ya know, its a storm'in at their place? Now we have 24/7/365 weather fear porn.

BTW. They are called summer storms for a reason. They happen every summer. Something about the sun heating the air that then commingles with colder air condensing the moisture or something along those lines.