Storm's a Comin'


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Nothing impressive enough to grab a picture of here.
:yay: It got dark for a few minutes here and then lightened back up. It's pretty cloudy, but I'm not sure we're going to get anything else. The temp dropped about 11* from when I walked earlier.


the poor dad
Nothing impressive enough to grab a picture of here.
You should be at my house if you wanna see something impressive….

I barely hear thunder in the distant north of me. It could be my-thyme grabbing her camera and beating feet to my house to get the picture


the poor dad
Sipping on an Old Fashioned on the front porch waiting for something to happen



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Very cool! :yay:
I've also been known to drive 7 hours from here to NY just to get snowed in. One Friday I made the decision to go at 4:30pm, left work, made it to my friend's house in NY just as the snow was starting, woke up to 25". Didnt get off Long Island until Tuesday.

Wind and rain just kicked up big time. Lost the satelitte.


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Seems to have passed here. Neighbor called to see how things were here. They are hunkered down on base by Subway. She said it got super windy and they watched a transformer get zapped by lightning by the firehouse.


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Here between the GReen Door and the College its been wind and rain and oddly enough, perfectly hemisperical hail about the size of a small pea. Just bits of it....