Tell me why you don't auto-pay your bills?


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I had a $700+ bill once but it was the result of a broken water line from the main to the house.
I had that happen too, the old galvanized pipes from the 70s. Fortunately, it was before Metcom installed meters, so no extra charge.


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:yikes: Mine is never more than $32. Once it made it to $40.

are you in an apartment? Mine is packaged with sewer which is another rip, they base sewer charges on water used as if no one waters their lawn or uses water except to put it down the drain. I have never had it less than $100 (usually 110-120) since I have been living in my current location (about 7 years), which includes entire months when I was absent and I shut the water off to the house. I also had a major leak for a week without noticing and it only bumped my bill by $10-15. So I assume they just guess and send you a bill based on whatever they need to pay their employees that month.