The Making of a Murderer (Netflix)


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She said in one of her interviews that she presumed the suspect was among the 8 photos shown in a lineup and when she saw Avery's photo, she selected it. She later learned the real rapist wasn't even among those photos. When you look at the photo of Gregory Allen vs. Steven Avery, they both had very similar traits. She never said anything in any of the articles I have read that lead me to believe she was prompted to select Avery as her rapist.

Even years later, as both Avery and Allen aged, the only thing that really set them apart was Allen had more of a receding hairline. I know the documentary focused on the police sketch but Penny Beernsten said she selected Avery based on photos. You have to remember this was a case back in the mid 80's and with the advances in DNA, we are hearing about so many cases of mistaken identity than ever before.... the tools to disprove just were not there before.

I just don't see how the 1st issue has anything to do with the 2nd but to garner sympathy of the viewer but maybe it does.
Could the system have created Avery to become a rapist and murder? For 18 years he was treated like the convicted rapist he was and could that have lead him to eventually fit the mold?

No doubt there are many problems with the conviction of both. I stand by my original opinion that the nephew was screwed over big time in all this and needs to be released but as for Avery, I'm not so sure either way. I have a very difficult time believing the police planted blood evidence in her vehicle but I do question the key and the bullet.
A well thought out reply, I look forward to replying when I am not half asleep.


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The police didn't frame him. The victim identified him as her rapist but later apologized to him when DNA showed him not to be her rapist. The fact that the victim was able to point to him and say "that's the guy...," is the reason he was convicted. So when I see comments saying "the police framed him the 1st time," I have to wonder if you watched it or did any further reading? :ohwell:
she picked his photo after being shown a sketch based on that photo. that seems pretty leading.
Homicide as entertainment.
more like real life 'law and order SVU'
Who knows.... he always looked dirty to me so perhaps his balls itched all the time. :shrug:

Seriously...who doesn't own underwear? :confused:

I would hate to be on this jury. I think Steven Avery is guilty of the second crime... but do I have more than a reasonable doubt? Yes. :ohwell: The possibility of the evidence being tampered with (the blood vial specifically) makes me doubt his guilt...

I think Brendan Dassey is innocent and all I could think of was someone interrogating my child like that and I got so upset. :bawl:


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‘Making A Murderer’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Good news for true crime addicts: the makers of Netflix show Making A Murderer have confirmed that production has begun on six new episodes. The original 2015 documentary series focused on the real-life murder of Teresa Halbach, and the 2007 trial that saw Steven Avery and his nephew Brendon Dassey convicted of her murder. The show dissected the evidence and spoke to many of the key players in the case, revealing parts of the trial that didn’t quite seem to add up, including potentially tampered-with evidence and the suggestion that the defendants were framed. It was utterly gripping stuff.