The MPD thread made me think of the old forums


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I think I'll make up a huge platter of assorted flavor jello-shooters, and set them out for our annual Memorial Day party. :wink:


Sorry, I'm not Patch...
Anything with Patch Tuesday was a shiatshow and so was Vrai's buddy Darby. Thankfully getting Pete sauce on my shirt was not that big a deal, although that was a good party. Jello shooters on the dessert table please.


You're correct...

I guess when you're a worthless bum and leach off other you make them feel like they're doing something good by helping you... then he'll sucker punch you in the jaw (if you're a woman) when he doesn't get his way...

It's a shame he wasn't stomped worse in the bathroom at the Dirty Dew ...
I think he married the woman he roughed up and they moved.


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The top of the dick-o-meter was TopDick.
See, and he didn't even register with me. Smooth (yes, you!) was probably #1 dick with me, followed fairly closely by Black Francis (yes, you!).

PS, Smooth is the reason we can't have nice things anymore. :smack:

Actually uber #1 was that crazy person who wanted to sue everyone on the forums and made me waste my time in court, not to mention our lawyer's fees AND the stress it caused David. That person is so far the worst person I've ever had to deal with on here, and that's saying something.

Don't say his name because he's like Beetlejuice and will reappear. I hate him.


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Who was the one always posting music videos and his posts you could barely decipher? A couple people got into it with him. I think he finally banned.