trivia game


In My Opinion
Been playing this game from another private forum I'm in.
thought it would be fun to play here.

the catagories were chosen by me, but the questions and answers come from the trivia game people, so I wont know the answers either.

the catagories are

Sunday Celebrities
Monday General Knowledge
Tuesday Geography
Wednsday History
Thursday Hobbies
Friday People
Saturday Sports

Points are awarded based on number of questions correct, and the time it takes to do it.
each quiz is 10 questions on whatever catagory is being played that day.
I will give a list of all possible catagories and they can be changed at anytime if they are too easy or too boring.

just go to this link and create a logon name to play under. (I used a hotmail account for the signup) and play.
lets see how many people can compete with each other here.


In My Opinion
Pretty easy. Got all but the last one correct.
its like that. some I get all 10,, other days (like sports) I get the lucky guess and the nascar questions.
questions will be a little bit different for each person too, so you cant cheat.
(I tried on the other one)