Urban BBQ in Leonardtown


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I liked it, I think it is better than mission meat wise. They have decent draft beer and the sides are tasty. The only thing I didnt like was the sausage, pretty bland. The chicken and the brisket were good, not smoked in your own yard good of course, but pretty tasty for a quick meal in ltown.


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Went to the one in LaPlata this week in fact twice, was very impressed, spoke with the franchise owner for quite some time. Ledo's is its parent company, very similar to Mission, my pulled pork was as good or just abit better then Mission. On Tuesday night they have their rack of ribs half price and we went back to try them. St. Louis type, very meaty 12-14 ribs on a rack. Four of us got the ribs and all were very satisfied. You get 2 sides and bread (cornbread yummy) and I think a drink, wife paid while I got the forks, knifes, napkins. French Fries are cut there each day, nice helping of them. With the 2 sides and bread I was unable to finish my ribs, took half a rack home, think they were even better the next day. Will definitely go back.


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Not somewhere I'll bother to go again.

Same. Paid something like $13 for two sides and brisket. The brisket had a ton of fat on it and was only 2-3 strips.

I was still hungry afterward.

Service was good (probably because the manager was out front when I was there), but the food wasn't good enough for me to go back.


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Bottom of the Hill Restaurant and Tavern; Better half and I went there Saturday for late lunch/early dinner. We ordered the crabballs for an appy and the ribs for the entrée. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, the ribs were tender, fall off the bone good and the crabballs had no filler. I think Boomerangs in Solomon's has just a bit sweeter sauce. The coleslaw was good and creamy, however, I still prefer my homemade slaw to any restaurant. All and all, not bad and close to home.