USMC CO killed in Afghanistan


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Yuma Harrier jets, Marine CO felled in Afghanistan |

Lt. Col. Chris "Otis" Raible, commanding officer of the jet squadron whose Harrier fleet was decimated last week at Camp Bastion, was among two Yuma Marines killed when insurgents infiltrated the main NATO strategic base in southwestern Afghanistan.

Raible, 40, died early Saturday during an unprecedented breach of the sprawling base in Helmand province that also resulted in the destruction of six AV-8B Harriers and significant damage to two more jets from the unit he commanded, Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 211.

Also killed was Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell, 27, of Kokomo, Ind. The electrical systems technician served with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing announced Monday.

Both units are part of the airwing headquartered in San Diego at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

In addition to the two deaths, nine other coalition personnel were wounded in the brazen overnight assault on Camp Bastion, according to details released Saturday by NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

Three refueling stations were also destroyed and six aircraft hangars damaged during the attack on both fixed wing and rotor craft, coalition officials said. With each of the six Harrier jets destroyed costing at least $24 million, damages in the attack total well over $144 million.



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I worked on that airfield in 2009 before they made the airfield bigger and before any fighter squadrons were there. Helo's only. We were always exposed to anything incoming and the berms always seemed inadequate. Pretty shocked that after all the improvements to the airfield and security that this even happened. Semper Fi to the Marines that lost their lives.


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I'm sure that the guys who did it had been watching YouTube movie trailers in their hut and became insulted