Was Jesus Italian?


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Jesus is italian, his mother's name is "Mary" and Mary was married to Joseph (Joey), when he was born 3 wise-men (aka wise guys) came bearing gifts (which I am sure was an envelope filled with hundreds, a huge full tray of Manicotti, and a gold rope chain necklace with a Crist Head Cross pendant on it.) At the Last Supper he drank red wine (that I am sure his grandfather made in the basement and kept in a huge jug- only italians have the power to turn water into wine- of course after weeks in the basement) and he broke bread (which I have on good information that it came from Calandra's Bakery on Bloomfield Ave) So there, that settles it, Jesus was italian.


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Just to clinch it, did he have leather pants and talk with his hands?


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I was named after him.

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And here I thought he was Irish
  1. His mother thought he was God.
  2. Never held a steady job.
  3. He didn't leave home till he was thirty.