Well...... CRAP!!!!


Power with Control
Had to visit a squadron this morning, heard some noise and felt vibration during the final mile.



Power with Control
Or perhaps the cruise control gearbox sprung a leak... Or the gel leaked out of the seat when the heater was turned on..

I wish....... cruise works fi.......well, did anyway :) Suzuki had a gel seat, did not like that :) This one has a Sargent, no gel, but the heating is very nice...

black dog

Free America

I have one on the Sling. Hate it. Wish I had a driveshaft.

Cars are supposed to have driveshafts..... :patriot:
I have four with chains and one with a belt. The shaft and chains require good maintenance, the belt not so much.... And for a old HD guy, thats hard to say...


the poor dad
I will trade your leaky motorcycle wheel for my leaky hydraulic line on the skid steer that requires the engine to be removed to replace - 30-40 hour job if you know what you are doing....