What are you handing out to trick or treaters?


God bless the USA
Something I loved so much, back in the day, 25+ years ago, is when we lived in Darnestown (on Mockingbird Drive off of Seneca, and 28; a dead end street). All the fathers would use their lawn tractors and carts to take the kids out for Halloween. All the neighbors would give out treats, and then end up at a designated house (different every year) for a pot luck, and the children could play together. It was truly awesome. Great memories.

The weather held out enough in MoCo today, so there was trick or treating, but around 8:30, all hell broke loose! Still going on. Quite a storm.

Happy Halloween, y’all. Boo! :lol:

My grands, today. Also, awesome. A pumpkin, and a unicorn princess.


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