what song are you listening to?


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One of their best albums but none are better than unleashed in the East IMO

I generally don’t buy live releases, but Unleashed is not only a great live record, it’s one of my favorite records of all time.

The Diamonds and Rust and Green Manalishi tracks on Unleashed are iconic and outstanding to be sure - even if both are covers. The sonic presence of both just hit hard. A very well-engineered live record. And the last JP release to feature Les Binks on drums - so glad they included Les in the Hall of Fame, even though that whole thing is dumb.

When I saw Priest last March, I was stoked to hear Green Manalishi still in the set list. Funny thing, I’ve never tracked down the Fleetwood Mac original version. Why bother? LOL

Painkiller is my fave JP track - also my pick for best drum intro ever. 🤘🏼


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Me and G.B. ain't never gonna confess,
we cut some dirty words in our desk.
We cheated at the math test,
now it's time for recess.

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I would never have thought that you were a P!nk fan, people surprise you sometimes.



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I get the politics of this, but you can’t say the girls don’t have talent. I especially like the use of the resonator guitar.