what song are you listening to?


Who remembers Mojo?

this song came to mind today when I read that Don Henley was playing Wolftrap this summer.

Jennifer Nettles' new album is really good. If you like country pop and aren't put off by an assertive female personality it hits the mark.

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Heard this out of the blue the other day. Classic Metal.



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Nice acoustic guitar, nice harmonies, good mashup by 3 very talented young ladies. Mellow



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kinda liked this one Cake by the Ocean


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New Metallica, Hardwired. I'll be damned if they haven't found some of the old magic.


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Saw Joe Keyes and The Late Bloomer Band at an event I attended a month or so ago. We all really loved his music and he was so entertaining.

This was one of the songs he performed and guaranteed earworm. :lol:

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Larry Gude

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The arraignment on this is so much fun to listening to.