What's your Thanksgiving Menu?


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We are cooking today. I will make the stuffing, smashed spuds and butternut squash this morning. Stuff the turkey and put extra in a dish to bake Steamed asparagus later when turkey is in the oven. A friend will join us for dinner and wine at 5:30.
Also, since we have company coming, we need to unearth the dining room table and clean the house...
It's going to be a great day...seriously!
You DO know that today is Wednesday, right?

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Does it still smell like dead people?

Picture was from dinner at Mon Gabi Ami on the patio.
Its more crowded this time than the last two years, seems to be a better class of clientele this thanksgiving week. No dead smell yet.
We are at Ceasars and I walked around last night for a few hours people watching...lol... Alot less weed smells than before on the strip.. The hooker buses rolled in around 10 on on the mass transit and that was interesting.

black dog

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Lunch at The Wicked Spoon...


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Already made/assembled, just need to heat it up tomorrow: stuffed ham, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, gravy, pumpkin pies, and baking cookies right now.

Tomorrow morning, toss the turkeys and honey ham in to the oven to roast, then the sides go in to get heated. Ready to eat at 2:00.

I feel pretty good that everything is this far along.