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Ok, I know it's not food or even nutritious, but I do enjoy trying new/good bourbons.

So, what is your favorite? I've tried a lot of good, and some not so good whiskeys.
One of my favorites (that I can never find anywhere) is Blanton's.
Two of my favorites are Elijah Craig small batch and Evan Williams single barrel. Both have complex flavors but are very drinkable. Both come in around $30/ bottle most places.

The Eli is very comparable to knob creek just smoother


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Scotch drinker myself..no bourbon. Got in to a rare bottle of Tears of Scotland over the weekend whilst out on the island. I'd forgotten how good it is.

The Talisker is pretty good too.



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Havent' seen it on the shelf for over a year but if you can find it, Corner Creek is a decent small batch 8 year for a mid-20 price.


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I don't know. :lol: I just love it. I can't explain why I like Kesha either. Mental illness perhaps? Or the white trash runs deep. :shrug: :ohwell: