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The problem with this is most people’s water is crap. If it’s well water it generally has a high iron content, if it’s city water it has a lot of chlorine. The same is true for ice, but at least it has a chance for some of the chlorine to evaporate.
I have a few bottles of Scottish and Welsh spring water for my "splash" in the whiskey.


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I always have my bourbon with a single large ice cube. This is what I’m sipping on tonight - picked it up at the Ole Smokey Distillery in Gatlinburg during our visit in September.


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Ok, I know it's not food or even nutritious, but I do enjoy trying new/good bourbons.

So, what is your favorite? I've tried a lot of good, and some not so good whiskeys.
One of my favorites (that I can never find anywhere) is Blanton's.
I have a friend that pays up to 200-300$$ for a bottle of bourbon I have tried them all and to me they all taste just like Jack Daniels so I never touch the stuff I prefer Beer or Vodka and Iced tea on occasion.


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I've heard of that word before... I means you raise a pinky finger when you lift the bag to take a drink, right?
yup. I'm very cosmicpolitan by nature. My lutefisk horses doovers are the talk of every party.