Why do dogs do this???


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Replying to the original topic - carrying out the food to an alternate site.... I have 6 dogs and a couple of them will occasionally do the carry out thing... I have read/listened to 4 or more audiobooks on dog rearing and training and never once was this addressed. 5 of my dogs are Siberian Husky pups (under 10 mos.) and the 6th is a 14 1/2 y/o Alaskan Malamute. These guys are VERY pack oriented. The observation that they're eating away from the pack is actually a plausible one, though I have ample food/water for everyone at all times. Sometimes I think they just want to eat at their leisure, so they take a mouthful of food, go to their desired destination and eat at their desired pace v. standing up at the bowl, munching until everything is gone (or they're full). So, the answer, as in "Why do dogs lick their balls?", "Because they can" is also applicable to the carry out question as well. IMHO.


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Three dogs, 35lb Kees-Corgi, 12lb Pom-Chihuaha, 8lb Pom-Yorkie. The smallest will ignore his full small bowl to steal from the big dogs bowl, like he's counting coup or something. Take a few bits away and eat them near his bowl.