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Remember when we were kids, Pop used to keep the radio on for the hogs? He swore it kept them calm unless a Micheal Jackson song came on. Then they all looked scared and backed up against the fence.
Wow even animals knew


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Your comment wasnt rude...which-a-ma-jiggers comment was. Just in case you read that wrong...
That would be the reason for the Queen of Mean title.


Yeee hawww
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Well if you know that, why are you getting your knickers in a knot over it?
You precieved it all wrong then how it was said...it was more of like "well that was rude" :ohwell: then a "well that was rude" :burning:


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Try this if it's possible.... place a light in your coop (minimum 60 watt bulb) and increase the lenght of "daylight" to at least 14 hours. Within two weeks they should be laying.

Or tell the rooster to stop pulling out. :nono: