Winter Storm Likely Sunday Morning

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Here we go again, folks! For the second weekend in a row I am tracking the potential for winter weather. A system will develop along the Gulf Coast this weekend, and head northward off the Southeast coastline. The system will pass close to the North Carolina Outer Banks before tracking off the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastlines. This event is looking to occur overnight Saturday into Sunday, when temperatures will be their coldest.

It is for that reason that storms like this is typically favor Southern MD. This type of a track would set up heavier precipitation along the coast with enough cold air present to ensure that it all falls as snow. However, the further northwest this comes, the more influence we will see from the Bay. This would lead to warmer temperatures and a mix with rain. This forecast really does come down to where the exact track of this storm is! Just a 20-30 mile shift in either direction would lead to big impacts on our forecast.

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Just sneakin' around....
WJLA says rain south of DC, WUSA says 2-4" and is LIVE from L'Town... :lol:

WBOC (Eastern Shore) say 2-5 for us. I find them pretty accurate.


Just sneakin' around....
I'm going to need new tires. I used to have snow tires, but they're all worn out. There's snow tire at all.
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I'm ready. Snow plow was great. Did the whole road in about 15-20 minutes, including tidying up around the ends of the neighbors driveways. I knew it would all menlt away, but I got my technique and adjustments all dialed in.


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A few days ago - they were calling for Sunday to have mid-40's up to 50's - I know I didn't imagine that! I was planning to go on a hike thru the ACLT. :frown:

UGH. Can't wait for February to go away - I have plans to go things and it doesn't include the cold weather! :lol:
Do those “things” include dancing?