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But do you like his hair cut?

Wait...a bit confused..do you mean that cut for a man? If so, no. I would like that cut on a woman.

If you like that cut on men..cool. We all have different likes.
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Is that a flowbee


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I've owned a Wahl clipper with accessories for decades. Both my wife and I do our own hair, though sometimes she needs me to tidy up the trim.


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After this visit think I need to learn to cut my own hair...omg..this woman in here will not stop talking. She needs to take a breath..🤞


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I must say, I enjoyed very much my visit to the salon a few days ago. Women were talking like they do and I was shocked to learn how much they know about what I know to be true about Q, Trump, a fake Biden...all of everything.

People are awake.