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    Report: FBI Agents Searched Through Melania Trump’s Wardrobe During Mar-a-Lago Raid

    No, there are multiple layers of classification authority. Do you believe the president sits there and signs off every one of the hundreds of FOIA declassifications that are done weekly?
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    FBI Raiding Mar-a-Lago/Trump

    Might be the case, I am very knowleagable on the normal process but not the political one. That said, some quick searching pulled up the following about post-term access:
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    EV Credit may not apply to any currently made EVs
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    FBI Raiding Mar-a-Lago/Trump

    you are almost certainly conflating your SSBI investigation which provides the ability to be cleared, with your actual clearance which will automatically expire in 5 years and must be re-authorized by an SSO. What likely happened was that your contract expired (or the program shut down) and no...
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    FBI Raiding Mar-a-Lago/Trump

    Well that's not even remotely true as I am sure many on this forum can attest. Your clearance only lasts as long as your sponsor requires it to last, even if you have an investigation that is "good" for 10 years if you don't have an active sponsor you don't have a clearance. That said, there...
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    Greetings from Eufaula, AL!

    Bizbee is whackadoodle. I was once having dinner and a drink in an old west styled bar there and after a half hour or so I noticed my friend and I were the only two men in the place and it was suddenly packed. Then a giant fat lady came in and started singing bawdy songs and playing the piano...
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    Senate Republicans block $35 cap on price of insulin from Democratic bill

    They probably shouldn't. But the government allowed the high prices by making it basically impossible for a "generic" formulation of insilin to be sold here. That said, they have eased some of those regulations and there are supposed to be generic options available in the next couple of years...
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    Celebrity Death Pool

    Officially 10 years and this one hasn't happened. Looks like it might be a long wait since she is apparently healthy and recently married living far away from hollywood and the "scene".
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    The World Has Gone Crazy

    I would have to assume an IRS agent that performs audits would be some form of forensic accountant, but even if only a basic accountant that means they would make much less working for the IRS than for the private sector. I haven't heard about heaps of unemployed accountants looking for work who...
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    John Deere riding mower won’t turn over

    Do you actually turn it off when you do this? Mine has a switch to lock the break/keep the motor running once you hop off seat. I usually just reduce to low speed and set the switch then go do my business.
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    La Plata Police cleaning up the streets.... well, maybe just the

    What does that have to do with what I said? You know you can post without quoting someone, right?
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    La Plata Police cleaning up the streets.... well, maybe just the

    So they fired 3 people and immediately contracted with the Sheriff's department. Sounds to me like they used this as an excuse to cut costs, i'm sure it's cheaper to contract with the larger Sheriff's department than to run an entire police department that consists of only 3 officers.
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    So, I got vaccinated yesterday

    "I've still got his daddy's cöck that i'll turn over to him when he's strong enough to **** it. I'll just provide more supervision this time around." Nope, that doesn't help.
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    Pre School

    Sounds like maybe you do need daycare. Get him out of his comfort zone for several hours, will get him used to adapting and making new friends before he becomes "the shy kid".
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    Not sure why this is hard

    I was thinking the same, he should have a chemical burn on that hand. Not to mention it shouldn't grab all that well to blacktop unless he drilled some holes, did they actually try just yanking on his arm?